A unique collaboration

Lichtwerk is a collaboration between emino, Mariasteen and Groep Gidts. As innovative partners with a heart for people, we focus on workers from vulnerable groups: disabled persons, foreign-language speakers, the long-term sick, the elderly …

Logo Mariasteen

Mariasteen vzw

is a work integration social enterprise with a wealth of expertise in assistive technology. The company adapts workstations for workers with a variety of needs. Mariasteen is active in the manufacturing industry (timber, metal and assembly). At that, it also focuses on services and outside teams.

Logo Groep Gidts

Groep Gidts vzw

connects and supports Mariasteen and Dominiek Savio. The organisation creates opportunities with and for people who are disadvantaged at an employment, educational and care level.

Logo Emino

emino vzw

supports people in their quest for a job. Throughout Flanders, more than 175 job coaches assist jobseekers at more than 20 locations across the 5 provinces.