Take a look at some of our cases and clients

Lichtwerk is the expert in assistive and inclusive technology. We assist (work integration social) enterprises with the implementation of assistive technologies and the adaptation of workstations. Our solutions not only allow workers to fine-tune their skills but also help production facilities to transform at a digital and technological level, thereby enabling them to take the leap to Industry 4.0 and to remain competitive.


BrefurbiSH: economically profitable refurbishment

Driven by the demand to make the refurbishing process of household appliances more efficient throughout the value chain, BSH Home Appliances, Sirris,, Innoviris and Lichtwerk have joined forces. They have found the solution in advanced data analysis, digital work instructions, augmented reality and cognitive support for the operator.


Heyer Medical Technology and AZ Delta: co-creation from A to Z

Watch this video to see how the Lichtwerk and LightGuide solutions are used in the production of bed head panels for MedTech company Heyer. The innovative technological support allows subcontractor Mariasteen to supply AZ Delta Hospital with more than 1000 ‘series of 1’ bed head panels.


Innovative cooking platform at VIVES University of Applied Sciences

Watch this video to see how the Lichtwerk and LightGuide solutions are used at VIVES University of Applied Sciences. For the Interreg 2 Seas AGE’IN project, Lichtwerk integrated a LightGuideAR unit in the living lab of VIVES to transform the kitchen into a smart assistive cooking platform that can be used for various research purposes.


Cognitive operator guidance in the railway sector for Hydro

Watch this video to see how the Lichtwerk and LightGuide solutions are used in the final assembly of tram panels for Hydro. The innovative technological support enables subcontractor Mariasteen to complete this complex contract and deliver a quality that is second to none.


Mariasteen first European company with LightGuide on the shop floor

Watch this video to see how work integration social enterprise Mariasteen deploys the Lichtwerk and LightGuide solutions on its own shop floor. A smart system that projects work instructions onto workstations step by step. Augmented Reality using icons, photographs, videos, sounds, pick-to-light methods … with integrated control and feedback for your operators.


Innovation on the shop floor with the support of Flanders Make

Watch this video to see how Flanders Make, a member of Mariasteen, achieves a two-fold objective with the help of Augmented Reality workstations and digital work instructions. Mariasteen not only takes steps in the area of digitalisation and technological transformation (Industry 4.0) but also helps its staff to excel at their job and to progress to the next level.